What We Learn From Being Teachers

What We Learn From Being Teachers

What We Learn From Being Teachers

On this episode of the God, Money & Purpose Podcast, Vivian just finished her 6 Day Challenge to Ignite Your Passion, and Raul is about to start his 7 Day Challenge to Get Your Edge Back.

These week-long challenges help women and men, respectively, get in touch with their best selves that in some cases has become dormant, leaving them feeling empty inside. Working with a group can lead to much better results than trying to help yourself.

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Being a group setting can help you realize that things that other people realize are true about themselves are also the case for you. It can also help you to be in an atmosphere where everyone wants to do the work, and it’s easier to motivate yourself in that energy-rich setting. Vivian and Raul are going to take the lessons from these challenges and incorporate them into a future workshop for couples. Watch the entire video and be sure to like, subscribe, and click the bell.

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