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Can you change your partner? (God Money and Sex Podcast)

Raul and his wife Vivian Villacis host the God Sex & Money podcast, a business and relationship focused discussion forum that shares insights into what it takes to be a successful businessman while maintaining balance in your intimate relationships. You can have it all and Raul is the man who can help make it happen [...]

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What Does Your Business SOUND Like? @VaynerMedia VoiceCon 2018

Our business is constantly innovating, that’s why I invest in attending events to stay on top the industry. VoiceCon 2018 at Vaynermedia had a panel of entrepreneurs sharing insights about the importance of voice content. We are currently producing our own podcast, and now it’s clear to us that we are going in the right [...]

2018-11-21T17:42:53-04:00June 25th, 2018|

In this episode of God, Money and Sex, Raul and Vivian sit down to talk about how they deal with pressure as individuals and in their marriage. Through years of experience they have learned that giving each other the space to handle difficulties has allowed them to love each other through the toughest times. They [...]

2018-11-21T17:42:53-04:00June 12th, 2018|

We can use this word to purge time suckers from our busy lives.

There is one word that can make you or break you. We are conditioned to avoid it and label it as wrong. If you can’t accept this word and use it to your advantage, it will break you. In fact, it was probably one of the first words you ever learned. You heard it from the time you [...]

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Does your partner know you better than you know yourself?

In this episode of God, Sex and Money, Raul and Vivian are taking on the struggle between knowing yourself better than your partner knows you. They will touch upon the negative impacts of expectations and how knowing your own triggers can not only help you become a better partner, but also entrepreneur. Learn how taking [...]

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(Feed the King DOCUMENTARY) Entrepreneurs Inner Circle Mastermind @ Hard Rock Hotel in PUNTA CANA

Elite Coaching Experience and Retreats for Male Business owners and Entrepreneurs. (Feed the King DOCUMENTARY) Entrepreneurs Networking and Personal Development Inner Circle Mastermind @ Hard Rock Hotel in PUNTA CANA. […]

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While meditating in my backyard this morning, a question popped into my mind. What kills growth?

While meditating in my backyard this morning, a question popped into my mind. What kills growth? I looked around my yard at the beautiful green grass and trees and thought about how just a short while ago everything was brown, dead. The growth of the trees and grass made me realize something. Nothing in our [...]

2018-11-21T17:42:54-04:00May 29th, 2018|

What’s the difference between a reason and an excuse?

Both reasons vs. excuses are defined as an explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offence. There is a question I get every day and that is, “What makes people take action?” There are people who don’t take action and there are those who do. Same education, same capacity, same opportunity – [...]

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