Raul Villacis: Finding Certainty in the Middle of Chaos

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The last year has been a crazy ride.

On Thanksgiving, my father, the man who taught me to be a man, passed away of a heart attack.

Full Keynote: https://youtu.be/xtQ2MOR4pu4?t=254

I was in the emergency room watching him fight for his life, and he fought harder than I ever thought possible. But then he gave me the most important lesson he’s taught me: When to stop fighting and let God take control.

And then in March, I put on The Next Level Leadership Summit on the same day that New York began the lockdown. There was a feeling in the air of uncertainty. Then, I got sick with COVID. Then my wife got sick. As I fought for my life, I realized that the world needs certainty. We, as humans, can tolerate pain, but we can’t deal with uncertainty. Certainty is the new currency. For the last six months, I’ve been helping my clients lead with certainty and power when most people are afraid to make a move.

2020 has punched everyone in the face, but if you have CERTAINTY, and you have CLARITY on your WHY, you will get up and keep moving forward when everyone else is hoping and wishing for someone to pick them up. Raul Villacis is an entrepreneur, investor, author and speaker. He’s the CEO of Next Level Experience an Entrepreneurs Mastermind Coaching and Mindset Program. (Personal Development and Mindset Coaching and consulting) Over the years Raul worked with some of the biggest names in personal development coaching, marketing, and real estate.

Raul Villacis has started a global wave of male re-empowerment. As an entrepreneur and a man who believes in the power of family, Raul knows the difficulties men face as they try to find balance in being business leaders, family men and role models. He knows what it’s like to pursue balance while trying to find strategies to boost life to the next level. His determination and drive are fueled by an overwhelming desire to bring about tangible change.

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