5 Strategies to Implement in 2021 (Why New Year's Resolutions Fail)

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It may sound hard to believe, but for many of you reading this 2020 was a gift. 2020 was either the best year ever or the worst, and there’s no in between. Because 2020 hit us harder than many of us had ever been hit before. And you can’t grow without pain.

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In this video you’ll learn my top 5 Strategies to implement in the new year and make new year’s resolutions last.

1- Measure your R.O.E over your R.O.I 

2- Get CLEAR on what BASE HITS are vs. HOME RUNS. 


4- Get around people who will NOT let you PLAY SMALL. 

5- Focus on where you are GOING, not where you HAVE BEEN.

The moment you surrender to how things are instead of arguing with reality because you want things to be the way they were, you’re going to start appreciating the level you’re at right now. When you appreciate where you are, God will open the door to get to the next level. But the hard part is realizing that you already have everything you need.


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