Can a Marriage Survive a MIDLIFE CRISIS?

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This episode of God, Money & Purpose was recorded live at The Next Level Virtual Leadership Summit 2020. Vivian and Raul Villacis share their insights of over 22 years of marriage. Every relationship evolves over time. Hopefully, the two people in it will grow separately, and together. At each major growth stage, each partner has to alleviate the other’s anxiety that they are not enough.

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Raul has said many times that he went through a tunnel, and went to many self-development coaches to learn what it would take to get through it. Vivian didn’t understand that he was improving himself as a goal, only that he was improving his business skills. Raul barely understood it himself, but he unintentionally left her unsure of where she stood in the relationship. The episode closes with a Q&A session with the virtual audience.

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