(KEYNOTE) How to protect against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) with Dr. Bart Precourt

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Prepare your MIND and your BODY to fight the CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) At the Leadership Summit we had Dr.Bart Precourt give a keynote on how to prepare our BODY to fight the virus. First know that our leadership skills will be tested. With all the fear that will be around us.. our job is to LEAD!… And know with absolute certainty.. that WE WERE BUILT FOR THIS!!

This post will include strategies for lifestyle, nutrients and lifestyle.


  1. Get plenty of Sleep. We heal and rejuvenate when we sleep. 
  2. Eat clean. “Gods Garden” Viruses like it when we consume sugar and carbs. 
  3. Consume AVC. Apple cider vinegar.  This helps acidify your gut. Your “gut” is your most important line of defense. 
  4. Wash hands thoroughly. Frequently. 

Try not to touch face and mouth w hands (Good luck.. just did this 7 times) 


Below will be a link to where I get my supplements.. with the exact names and doses.

Some herbs and vitamins are already on back order due to demand so I’ve provided multiple options. 


  1. Cataplex  D. 3-3x day 
  2. AC. 3-3x Day (Vit a and c)
  3. Andrographis  complex or Astragalus complex 2-3x day (this is echinacea product)
  4. Thymex. 3-3x day. (Promotes white blood cell production)
  5. Congaplex  (on back order .. yet order!.. this is brilliant immune product)  

If you want additional and or advanced strategies reach out to me and I will give additional strategies I use personally. 

You don’t have to order the above products I just suggest as they are some of the worlds finest. 

If have your own or getting elsewhere this is your minimum list. 

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin C
  • Echinacea 

Get ready to fight this.The best is yet to come !

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