Emotional Intelligence Self Assessment

Emotional Intelligence Self Assessment

Emotional Intelligence Self Assessment: How to achieve a higher level of consciousness

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There are stages of life that we measure chronologically. This Emotional Intelligence Self Assessment video explains the stages of life that are your levels of consciousness. The levels of consciousness closely resemble Mazlow’s hierarchy of needs. But the biggest distinction in this lesson is that it focuses not on the needs themselves, but how you experience them and how you, through your own actions, move yourself up this ladder.


0:00 Intro. These are the Levels of Consciousness

1:04 The first level is survival. This is when you’re just trying to make it through the day. Pain takes you to the next level.

2:31 Discovery is when you try different methods to see what works. This is when you start improving yourself. You do this by taking ownership of your situation in life and seeing where you can improve.

3:12 The transformation stage is the most exciting stage, but it’s also the most dangerous.
Because you can end up going in circles by learning without executing. It’s easy to hide behind the excuse that you’re waiting to learn more or waiting for the perfect moment.

4:30 How and why do we sedate our pain through each of these three stages of consciousness? In each stage of consciousness, the pain of staying in that level becomes less and less, and so the pain necessary to get to the next level has to be greater for you to feel it.

7:40 In the awakening stage, you take full ownership of your situation. This is where you can live your purpose. This stage can mean you feel your pain more clearly than before, but it also means you can find the gift in the pain and use it as fuel.

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