The 4 Pillars Framework of Emotional Intelligence

The 4 Pillars Framework of Emotional Intelligence

The 4 Pillars Framework of Emotional Intelligence

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It’s easy to say you want to make an impact. But you’ll never make an impact unless you create a foundation for lasting results. Without one, any challenge will knock you off your path.

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Here are the 4 Pillars Framework of Emotional Intelligence:

  1. Practice daily. Mastery never comes from doing something once, it takes a lifetime of work. You must do the work on a daily basis, and that will create discipline. Discipline is superior to motivation.
  2. Set the intention. Without the intention, you are attached to the outcome. If you have a clear why you can be flexible when conditions change.
  3. Be open to innovation. Change is inevitable. There is no way to go back to the way things were. But there is opportunity if you’re willing to test and grow. If you stop innovating, you stop growing.
  4. Focus on impact. The bigger the impact, the bigger the challenge. Ask yourself who will suffer if I don’t pay the price? Put a face on the person who will pay the price if you don’t innovate, then you have a reason why. If you focus on yourself, there’s a limited amount of energy you can draw from; if you focus on others, there is an unlimited amount of energy.

Life will not give you more than you’re willing to give life. Focus on how to serve others; If the intention is to serve then you’ve already won. Put the work in every day and you will see results.


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