How To Tap Into Flow State

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Flow state, sometimes called “In the zone” or “Playing in the pocket,” refers to a heightened brain state where you are at your maximum potential. It’s the real-life “limitless.” In this state, your brain is flooded with a potent cocktail of chemicals that focus your brain completely on the task at hand, feel best, and bring out your best mental and physical performance.

This state is elusive, but the more you are in flow state, the easier it will be to get in it again.

Here are 5 steps you can take to tap into flow more often and more easily.

1- Find the triggers that put you in flow state, and write them down.
Examples of triggers include silence, being in nature, anticipation, excitement, overwhelming stimulation, pressure, performance, competition, exercise, music, extreme activity, danger, fear.
The more important a task is, the more likely you are able to get into flow, but only if you have the skills necessary to do the task, otherwise you will likely collapse under pressure.

2- Make time for the flow state.
You don’t have to be in flow all day, or even for an hour. You can be in flow for a few minutes at a time; this is called “micro-flow.” You can dip into this state of micro-flow easily, but you can also be brought out of it quickly. Value your own time and don’t let anyone interrupt you when you hope to be in flow state.

3- Be curious.
Curiosity is a major trigger of flow state. If you are not continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible for you to do, you will fall out of that sweet spot of skills and difficulty, because your task will be too easy, and therefore it will become boring.

4- Don’t try to duplicate the experience.
Every single flow state experience is different. Don’t try to replicate the conditions that put you into flow. Don’t chase that high, instead focus on being even better, which keeps you in the sweet spot. Don’t discount your small moments of micro-flow.

5- Don’t let your mind sabotage your experience.
Find the triggers that get you out of flow state,and learn how to avoid them. Mastery comes from awareness. When you are aware of your triggers that put you in flow or pull you out of it, then you can adjust your conditions to maximize the potential that you will be in flow.


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