(Keynote) Make your goals SMARTER with Doctor Eric Cole

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These are some of the many important phrases you will start using after you watch this keynote from cybersecurity expert Dr. Eric Cole. Dr. Cole, founder of Secure Anchor, has decades of experience in cybersecurity, and his clients include Barack Obama and Bill Gates.

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But this keynote address is not about just cybersecurity, it’s about the habits that made him one of the best in the world at what he does. If you learn from and emulate his habits, it can make you one of the best in the world at what you do as well.

Show Notes:

00:00 Introduction: Who is Dr. Eric Cole, and how do you protect yourself from cyberattacks?
1:00 Why could no one run a 4 minute mile?
2:53 Your limited beliefs are in your subconscious mind
3:30 The Next Level App
3:53 In order to see your limited beliefs, have a 3rd party perspective
5:14 Other people can help you see better than you can
7:00 Is the app a tool or a weapon?
7:12 The meditation ritual grounds you when you write your journal
7:51 In 1996, the British Crew (rowing) team put the worst in the 8-person boat
8:55 In 1998, they decided to focus only on winning gold
10:15 “Does it make the boat go faster?”
11:05 Limited beliefs will limit your success
11:27 My one goal this year, and it is SMARTER
11:50 Most people are so focused on the goal they neglect everything else
12:28 All of your goals must compliment each other
14:27 Your mind is a magic genie
15:30 “Baking the pie”
17:55 Your purpose is what you do with the most ease or better than anyone else
18:10 What if Marie Callender talked herself out of it?
18:25 What is the pie that you need to bake?
18:40 Purpose vs. Passion
19:16 Why cybersecurity is my purpose
20:24 Nobody warned us how dangerous cell phones can be
21:26 Why your small company will be attacked in the next 12 months
23:06 Takeaway 1: Turn on 2FA
23:55 Takeaway 2: Use an up-to-date OS on a separate device than your home computer
24:42 Takeaway 3: Stay away from the “F” word
28:04 Takeaway 4: Turn on all of your safety features
29:30 Takeaway 5: Email and web browsers are your biggest vulnerabilities. Use 2 devices


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