Patrick Bet-David: How to Overcome Adversity

Podcast - The Daily Edge

On this episode of the Daily Edge, Patrick Bet-David shares his story, and tells us the keys to being a successful entrepreneur, overcoming adversity, developing emotional intelligence, both at home and at work. In our conversation, we discuss everything from world history to raising children to reading books. This is another episode you don’t want to miss.

show notes:

0:25 Intro/How David started as an entrepreneur
1:39 David’s story (briefly)
3:25 Raul asks David about “The Tunnel.”
6:03 In the tunnel, you hide and deny
7:00 How did David get through the tunnel?
7:25 David tells his children the four things we do as a family
8:02 The four things David’s family prays for
8:25 David’s boot camp story
9:57 David’s friend and partner Jose, and the gift and curse of improvement
11:39 How did Patrick keep from burning everything to the ground when times were tough?
12:48 outwork, out-improve, outlast, out-strategize
15:40 Do you seek opportunities or seek to blame?
16:50 Musings on marriage
21:35 A strong partner makes you stronger
22:51 Cast the vision
23:38 The first 20
25:40 What’s the smartest thing you can do if you’re a student?
27:47 How do you teach your children to be disciplined?
31:22 What is David’s morning ritual?
33:50 What is David doing next?
36:20 Outro

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