The 4 Biggest Lies That Hold You Back

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You want to go to the next level.

That’s a great first step.

You see where you need improvement. You start to change your behavior. You start to take risks in your business.

But then…

The risks don’t pay off.

And your behavior starts to slide back to how it was before.

And you haven’t levelled up, no matter how hard you’ve tried.

But here’s the thing: You’re sabotaging yourself without knowing it.

You haven’t done what you think you’ve done.

Every time we want to go to the next level, a little voice in our head stops us.

It’s an unconscious pattern.

And the first step to stopping those patterns is to recognize them.

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Here are the LIES that the imposter inside of us telling us:
1: “I know what to do but I don’t do it.”

2: “I’ve tried everything, but it just wasn’t meant to be.”

3: I’m supposed to be further ahead in life by now.”

4: “I will be happy one day.”

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