The 5 Levels of Energy to have more Motivation and Energy

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What is your return on energy? I believe that everything is energy. What you focus on you give energy to, and what you focus on gives you energy in return. This applies to people, news, actions, thoughts, etc. Your ROE is how much energy you put into something and how much you get in return. Some things can bring your energy up, and others can bring you down.

1- The victim/scarcity mindset
You are looking to place blame on others. You take away energy from others.
2- Energy neutral
The sedated warrior stage. You have the energy to get things done, but not enough to take risks. You are comfortable with the way things are.
3- Energy neutral high
You want to take action, you start planning, but you also spend more time planning than acting. You are waiting for permission to act.
4- Energy rich
This is the awakened king’s energy. There is no doubt that you will figure out how because you are attracting the who that will figure out the how. This is the moment you commit to figuring it out no matter what.
5- Energy super rich
This is the ultimate energy state. You are tapping into your purpose. You are able to bring up energy in those around you and rally them to your cause.


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