What we can learn from Jada's Smith Entanglement

What we can learn from Jada's Smith Entanglement

What we can learn from Jada's Smith Entanglement

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The world of pop culture was abuzz this week, when Will and Jada Pinkett Smith admitted that they had some rocky times in their relationship in the past, including infidelity.

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This is a perfect opportunity for Raul and Vivian to weigh in on how a relationship can change over time. This is not to judge Jada for cheating, or to call Will weak for taking her back. In fact, we take the opposite approach. Every relationship has its own rules, and every relationship involves two dynamic people who are, hopefully, always learning and improving themselves. People tend to forget that a relationship takes work. We’re too quick to judge other people for having an unusual relationship, and we shouldn’t be. Hear what Raul and Vivian have to say about being in a public relationship on this episode of God, Money & Purpose.

Show NOtes 

0:07 Topic of the day: Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.
2:50 We’re so quick to judge other people’s relationships or character
3:58 Infidelity has no relationship with length of marriage, money, or any other external characteristic.
5:41 Jada’s explanation of the incident resonated with Vivian.
6:30 Don’t make this mistake in a relationship
7:10 Raul’s take on Will – The savior gets crucified
9:47 We’re so quick to tell others to leave their partners.
11:41 If Will Smith can’t do it, what hope is there for the rest of us?
12:00 Jada was looking for a “project,” and Will was no longer one.
12:28 Emotional insecurity is the reason for cheating in many relationships
13:43 How does a man help a woman going through this emotional roller coaster
15:00 To be in a relationship takes work
16:39 Clean the space between what people say and the truth
17:21 Raul is on Will’s side
18:58 We can all learn from someone else’s mistake
19:33 Are you taking care of yourself first?
21:32 You can’t expect someone else to fix you.
25:10 In your relationship, you will leave the relationship and come back in as a better person.
27:30 Wrap up

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