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You’ve got questions, we’ve got the answers. This is a special episode of God, Money & Purpose, recorded at a Next Level boot camp in front of an intimate audience.

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Personal development has a number of unexpected outcomes. The two partners see each other in pain, then later in stages of growth. What can that do to a relationship? How did Raul and Vivian deal with Raul’s tunnel, and his “ascendance” as a king? What did she do to grow herself, and how did that in turn affect their relationship again? Raul and Vivian answer these questions and give their insights into relationships on this special episode of God, Money & Purpose.


0:52 Question: If a woman is powerful and alpha, how do you, as a man, gain her respect?
1:11 Vivian’s take: You have to show up
3:04 Raul’s take: You don’t have to make more money to be more “masuline,” you have to have the masculine polarity. Don’t let anyone else judge you for what makes you happy.
5:15 Question: what did Raul do when he was going through a tunnel to get Vivian on board with personal development?
5:27 A woman has to grow to meet her partner
9:16 You can’t help someone else before you help yourself
11:38 Vivian talks about the experience of seeing a new person in the old person
12:44 Raul’s recommendations for increasing intimacy
14:40 Information is not enough
16:51 Question: How do I give my wife more confidence?
16:57 Short answer: You can’t.
20:30 Whatever your purpose is in life, don’t stop. Live your purpose and she’ll grow to meet you
23:14 Three things to do: Praise her, trust her, paint the vision
25:30 Date nights are important in a relationship
28:13 Raul’s closing thoughts
28:35 Outro

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