Should you get married?

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My wife and I pose the question: What does marriage mean?

In this country, at this time, we have the freedom to make our marriage any way we want. But, how we think about marriage is often colored by outdated ideas. This leads to a lot of people not being sure about whether marriage is for them.

We don’t want to tell you whether married life is right for you. But we do want you to know what a real marriage is like. Marriage is hard. Marriage takes work. But like anything in life, anything worth having takes work. I never ask for an easy life, I ask for the strength to have a life that it is worth it. In the same way, I never ask for a marriage that is easy, I ask for a partner who pushes me to be the best husband and father I can be.

Please check out the podcast to hear my and my wife’s discussion on what marriage means to us. Remember, if you have any questions that you want us to answer on next week’s show, you can reply to this email with your question, and maybe we’ll read it on the show!

show notes:

1:00 Intro
2:57: Is marriage for everyone?
3:57: Raul defines what marriage means for him
5:13: Vivian laments that there isn’t enough education when it comes to what a marriage is really like.
6:36: Nothing worth having in life is going to be easy. If you can’t be with the person at their worst, why are you with them?
8:22: We were not emotionally mature enough when we get into the marriage.
10:26: A marriage is a commitment. If you aren’t committed to see it through, you’ll walk away.
12:00: A marriage takes the capacity to forgive mistakes and failures.
14:36: A marriage should be a happy commitment, not a forced commitment.
15:04: Sex and monogamy.
16:35: You have to take control of your sex life, you can’t leave it all to the other person to make you happy.
18:25 Everything is interconnected
19:08 Who do I have to be to create a legacy?
19:38: Growth takes work. Are you willing to do the work for a good marriage?
21:28 Who can help you with your growth?
23:14: If both you and your partner are committed, then you have a chance to be better
24:50 Focus on improving yourself, no one else will complete you.
25:11: Marriage takes sacrifice
26:25: Outro

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