How to let go of toxic relationships

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On this episode of the God, Money & Purpose Podcast, Raul and Vivian answer a viewer’s question: Does going through the tunnel mean you have to break up with a partner?

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Relationships can be bad at times, and that can be a result of one or both partners being a bad partner, or it can be a result of the two just not being a match for each other. What happens, then, when a partner decides to take steps to improve himself? Does he have to push the partner out, or is this an opportunity to bring his partner closer to him? If one partner is working on self-development, and the other is not, what is their responsibility to each other, if any? 

Plus, on this episode, Vivian answers the question we all wanted to know: Was she a ride-or-die chick? It’s another one you don’t want to miss. 

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