RIP George Floyd - We Can’t Fight Hate With More Hate

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This week, as you’ve all seen on the news, George Floyd was killed by a police officer, as the officer slowly choked him to death by kneeling on his throat. This news is so saddening, because in addition to the tragedy of a man losing his life, it shows how far we still have to go as a country to defeat hate and become a nation based on the principles of equality enshrined in our Constitution.

With a heavy heart, Vivian and I are going to use this opportunity to turn pain into fuel and talk about the difficulty we are both having processing this event. We can’t solve the big political problems, and we’re not going to tell you how you should vote. But we can tell you how to deal with hate in your own life, and how you can choose to make pain better or worse.

So please join us on an episode of God, Money & Purpose that was difficult to record, but a necessary early step in healing the pain we are all going through right now.

Show Notes:

3:04 Intro

4:20 Television still rules our lives, but now the TV is in our pockets

6:09 It’s all energy

6:47 Be mindful of the energy you take in

7:42 A diet is not only what you eat

9:20 Raul tells how he felt watching the video

11:45 Raul’s question for the Dalai Lama

13:10 We have to process negative energy and turn it into a positive

13:34 Go low or go high?

15:52 It’s not about getting things right, it’s about evolving

17:40 It’s easy to be afraid, and fear grows easily

21:01 How to be part of the solution

22:00 Do we avoid things that cause us to be afraid too much?

24:04 You have a choice of how you react

25:30 Love yourself

26:18 Raul’s advice on how to take care of yourself

28:25 Vivian’s advice for how to take care of yourself

28:50 You have a choice to feed evil or feed good in your life

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