Why Silence Kills Relationships

Why Silence Kills Relationships

Why silence kills relationships

We are in the middle of a time of introspection. After Covid kept us home, the death of George Floyd inspired us to take to the streets. 

How can we learn to love each other the way God loves all of us? How can we best connect with and learn from people who are so different from us? Is there really a gift in this pain? As always, Raul and Vivian are here to talk frankly with each other about their experiences with discrimination, the insights they gained from raising children in this uncertain time, and what we can still learn from Jesus nearly 2,000 years after he was killed for threatening the social order of his day.

Show Notes

3:04 Intro: We’re talking about silence today.
4:17 2020 is a hell of a year
5:17 Change doesn’t look the way we want it to look
6:57 Abigail’s take on it: We need love
8:55 Social media doesn’t change as much as it exposes more
10:40 How does God see all of this? He created us the same way.
12:00 The world had to be shaken in order to expose the truth
12:50 Don’t be ashamed to have genuine curiosity about another person
13:31 You get in life more of what you tolerate
15:33 Everyone can make a change
16:51 We have to take ownership of the situation
18:37 What is the good news in this bad situation?
21:25 You just need to be aware that there’s a problem
23:22 We aren’t looking for peace, we need to be uncomfortable in order to grow
26:06 Outro and thanks

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