Are We Using Visualization And Goalsetting The Wrong Way?

I learned a great lesson of visualization and goalsetting by watching the McGregor and Mayweather fight this past weekend. McGregor says he visualizes each fight before he enters the ring. He manifests in his mind every single move his opponent may make so he is ready when the big fight happens. After the fight ended, I realized [...]

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There is Zero Upside in Doing This One Thing, Yet We All Do It.

Last week I received an email from an ex-business partner who was looking for an explanation of some transactions from over five years ago. My mind automatically wanted to know why this guy was dredging up the past. After I got past that, my mind jumped right to the blame game. I blamed him, the market and [...]

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Failure is Necessary to Grow

Why is fear needed for growth? Why failure is necessary to grow? The difference between those struggling in their businesses and those succeeding is their attitudes toward failure. We are conditioned to fear failure. As kids, we feared getting bad grades in school and that fear has followed us into adulthood as we continue to fear [...]

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What’s The One Thing You Can Do to Make Sure You Execute Today?

The One Thing You Can Do to Make Sure You Execute Today! Most people spend every day REACTING to life. Every waking hour is consumed with thoughts of what they didn’t get done yesterday and what they need to get done today. This is wasted time that could be spent more productively. The first thing [...]

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The Fastest Way to Fail and How You Can Avoid It

Have a look on the fastest way to fail and also how you can avoid it! This morning I woke up on the 35th floor in a hotel room in New York City.I stood up and looked out the window at Times Square.I realized there are other buildings that are two to three times taller [...]

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What’s One Sign That You are Experiencing A Mid-Life Crisis?

Forbes Magazine asked me, “What’s the one sign you are experiencing a midlife crisis?” I experienced my midlife crisis in my thirties and I think there were a lot of signs. As I reflected on that time in my life, I determined that the defining sign was when I stopped playing life to win. The moment [...]

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Fear and Doubt

Most people think fear and doubt are bad. They think they should avoid fear…never doubt… and continue to persevere in everything they do. But, here’s something for you to consider. Fear and doubt are necessary for your success. Without fear and doubt, how the fuck will you know you are headed in the right direction? [...]

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The Hardest Thing To Overcome

Every single day you will encounter challenges. Shit’s going to happen and you’re going to need to deal with it. Despite those challenges, the hardest thing to overcome is living in the land of the “should”. I should have done this… I should have said that… Living in the land of the “should” isn’t going [...]

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What Is The ROI Of Investing In Your Marriage

My wife and I have been having a date night nearly every week for the past three years. We can count how many we’ve missed on two hands. Date night for us is like a religious ritual. The ROI of investing in your marriage comes from taking the time to purposefully spend time with each [...]

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How ELITE Entrepreneurs Handle a Bad Day

Everybody has a bad day. The average person handles a bad day differently than an entrepreneur. When the average person has a bad day, he usually turns it into a bad week, then maybe a bad month. He may even end up in a rut and turn it into a bad year. The average person [...]

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