What Happens When SEX is no longer a PRIORITY

In this episode of God, Money & Sex, Raul and Vivian discuss sexless relationships. They both explain the seasons of relationships (some being better than others) but most importantly is the ability to choose what season to be in and for how long. Vivian offers some essential advice to women on how to love themselves in order for their partner to then love them. Raul will also be keeping it real and demand that men take responsibility and realize that in order for their partner to follow they must first lead. 

(1:10) Topic- Sexless relationships
(2:30) What happens when sex is no longer a priority?
(4: 20) Everybody goes through a season, both in a business and in your marriage
(6:40) Have the uncomfortable conversation about being too comfortable and perhaps even unhappy. Unless your willing to get out of your comfort zone, shit will not change.
(9:05) If you don’t put work into your marriage then you might lose the polarity.
(10:00) Ask yourself, why are you tolerating anything less than a passionate relationship
(12:35) Women have the power to either build or destroy a man
(15:15) Nothing more attractive for a man when a women loves themselves
(17:29) The faster you build eachother up instead of destroying one another, the quicker you will get out of a season
(18:34) Men- Take responsibility because a women will level up as quickly as you will level up
(19:49) Ladies- Think of yourself first and ask yourself what brings you pleasure. Try to remember what makes you happy.
(21:21) Switching Roles
(21:33) Ladies- Stop trying to be the mother and give your man some praise. Tell him what he did right.
(24:05) Men- Allow your woman her time, the feminine lives in freedom and needs time to grow. Have fucking patience.
(26:29) Every marriage and business has a season, nothing lasts forever. If you put in the work, you’ll get to the next level.

Raul Villacis is a family man, entrepreneur, investor and mentor to fellow entrepreneurs. He is the founder and driving force behind the Next Level Experience. He has designed a system that helps men get The EDGE back in their lives. Through his program, they find clarity and achieve balance in their personal and professional lives. He is also a sought-after public speaker, owns his own real estate company, has held over 20 Next Level Boot Camps and has created the Inner Circle, an elite network that fosters connection and accountability amongst successful businessmen.

Raul and his wife Vivian Villacis host the God, Money & Sex podcast, a business and relationship focused discussion forum that shares insights into what it takes to be a successful businessman while maintaining balance in your intimate relationships. You can have it all and Raul is the man who can help make it happen for you.

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