How holidays affect marriages

In today’s episode of God, Money, and Sex Raul and Vivian talk about- How holidays affect marriages

How holidays affect marriages?


(1:29) Holidays are always bringing extra stress in people’s lives. We get caught up in the business, shopping, overscheduling. We can sometimes forget what the holidays are all about.
(2:58) You have to set yourself for success before the holidays begin, and prepare for them even a couple of months before.
(3:38) One of the biggest holiday pressures is money. We are conditioned to buy presents and overspend during the holidays.
(6:06) The world we live in is full of marketing and consumerism, but we have to break this pattern. It takes discipline not to overspend.
(9:25) Another holiday pressure is time. During the holidays, couples can struggle to find the time and energy for some alone time and sex. That takes away from intimacy, and you should remember to create the time for dates and intimate time alone.
(14:44) For women, when you talk about sex, you have to be literal with men sometimes, because sex is pretty straightforward for men. They don’t like to be promised sex and then don’t get it.
(15:43) Third most significant holiday pressure is family. When you try to please everyone, you tire yourself out. If you have a big family, try to chunk family time if it’s too stressful to see everybody at once, and don’t make promises that will put a burden on you.
(20:05) As a couple, you have to be able to hear the other person and their point of view, instead of blaming them.
(20:55) Everybody has different personalities and versions of themselves that they display at different times. You have to learn to recognize your own and your partner’s behavior patterns; to be able to communicate in the best way and navigate through each other’s shortcomings.
(21:40) Negative holiday pattern no.4 is overeating and overdrinking. We feel bad if we overeat and if we drink too much, we are more prone to fights and bad decisions.
(23:54) There is no upside to overspending, overeating, drinking, and stressing ourselves out. Before the holidays even start; create clear agreements where are you going to be, how and when you are going to do it – and then make it happen. Remember holiday values of family, peace, and grace.

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