How to identify your partner triggers

In this episode of God, Money & Sex, Raul and Vivian talk about filters. They are not referring to the filters we use on our favorite social medias but instead about the personas we put in order to hide who we truly are. They will explain the importance of being aware of your feelings in your marriage because when you learn to love yourself and your progress then you allow the person in front of you, to fall in love too. 

(00:50) Topic: Are we using filters to create a persona for ourselves?
(2:00) People’s reality are different than the one they portray on social media
(4:00) In the beginning of the relationship, a woman and man filter themselves however when both find out who they truly are, then there’s chaos
(6:21) Boys are conditioned to choose the path of least resistance when shit hits the fan. You are taught to not express your feelings
(8:19) When we talk about authenticity, we do not know how to process our own feelings. Our parents just never taught us to do otherwise so now we choose to filter it
(10:07) “Her pain is not my pain” Man must hold a space to allow their partner to be crazy, without being crazy themselves (Vice versa)
(13:00) Figure out who you are in this very moment. If you don’t know what you want then you’re going to let everyone around you influence you.
(14:12) What does a woman looking for? Certainty. On the other hand, men are looking for significance.
(15:48) Framework
1. Being authentic is being aware of what your going through and your emotions.
2. Stand up and face whatever it is your running away from
3. Let it go. There’s some fights that just are not worth fighting for
(17:37) Methods that allow you to truly let go
(19:00) If you are not innovating in your marriage and in your business then eventually it is going to get boring
(20:00) Filters could be positive. For example, sometimes you have to show up according to your audience and consider using filters in the bedroom
(20:50) You being authentic, is the matter of you choosing what version you want to show up in that moment. The end result is progress and falling in love with the person you are.

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