What type of love are you giving?

In this episode of God, Sex, and Money, Raul and Vivian share the three tools to help strengthen your marriage. Vacation, creativity/connection, and communication. Learn how with these three tools it will help you build a strong foundation in your business and your marriage. A top priority as an entrepreneur is to make sure you have a strong foundation, because your foundation is your kingdom and the relationship with your family and God.


Topic: Vacation, creativity, and communication.
(2:00) We need to all take time to really stop and view the beauty of life.
(5:34) How slowing down can be a good thing, you will actually be present in what’s happening in front of you instead of always worrying about work.
(5:50) What’s the hardest job as an entrepreneur?
(6:20) How to be an entrepreneur but also how to keep your marriage alive.
(7:04) Learning how to see the different roles you need to play as an entrepreneur. As you mature and grow you have to know your roles in your marriage and business.
(8:57) If more people put as much attention to their marriages as they do into their businesses, their lives could be completely different.
(10:10) Paying attention to both your marriage and business will help them grow. It may not be at the same time but there is a season for everything.
(10:54) What if the day you pay attention to your family it’s too late then? You get the success you want but what is the price to pay if the people you care about are gone?
(12:14) Communication is important in any relationship.
Telling your partner that you need time and attention is okay.
Spending time and venting about your feelings will make you feel better and liberated.
Learning that just having to listen and not giving feedback is fine to do.
(14:50) To be a good leader you need to have good communication. Being able to communicate with your team in their way. Understanding how to work with them using an approach that doesn’t just benefit you.
(15:40) In a relationship you can not be each other’s coaches but your lovers. You can’t fix each other, but you can learn from one another. Help each other see different perspectives but make sure your roles are in order.
(16:26) Be creative experience things that you have never done before. Go visit new places on your vacation, be open minded. Create connections within your family, and within the moment.
(17:29) When businesses and marriages stop being creative and stop innovating that’s when things go downhill.
(18:27) If you don’t invest in yourself you’ll never grow and the same goes for your marriage.
(18:55) If there is no commitment to what you’re doing and who you are, it’s very easy to walk away and find something else that makes you happy. But you make a vow to love this person and that’s commitment.
(20:54) How committed am I? To seeing the results that I want, or committed to what I’m saying I want? If you don’t invest, communicate, or create then it shows the commitment you actually have.
(21:22) Most important job for an entrepreneur is to keep your marriage together because your marriage is a reflection of your business.
(22:27) Your foundation isn’t your business it’s your body and purpose, the relationship you have with God, your kids, and your wife. If you don’t have that you won’t be able to grow within your business, or a purpose.
(23:50) Who are you becoming during your journey and are you enjoying the process? People get caught up in the goal but need to realize the beauty in the process and experience.
(24:18) Focus on progress you’re always one percent better than you were the last time. It’s something you build in your marriage and business.
(24:37) If you think you’ll have a perfect business and marriage that isn’t reality. Things will always evolve and change.
(25:00) Don’t forget about the journey. See what you need to give you the desire to continue but don’t stay stuck on dreaming, or the what-ifs.

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