What happens when you Do The Work?

In today’s episode of God, Money, and Sex Raul and Vivian talk about- What happens when you Do The Work?

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(3:00) When you are not completely confident, you may set up yourself to failure when you are doing something, so that you can say that you tried.

(5:50) When you are just starting something outside of your comfort zone, you will have a lot of self-doubt and pressure.

(8:19) Men and women thinking process’ are different, and women put more emotion into things.

(9:33) It’s ok to break out from the perspective other people have of you. It’s an evolving process to figure out who you are and to represent yourself adequately.

(15:00) The more you expose yourself and throw yourself out there, the more you will find your voice and be better at speaking your truth.

(18:10) It’s a process to reach high levels of commitment, trust, and openness, and get your spouse on board what you are trying to do. When one person is growing the other can feel rejected and jealous. Don’t apologize for growth and purpose; your spouse will catch on if he/she sees consistency in you.

(24:30) You must grow to bring a better experience for your spouse. If you don’t grow, your relationship will not be able to grow, and there will be a disconnection.

(27:05) You can’t fix your wife’s emotional problems. You can leave her alone, be supportive and figure if she is going to fix herself.

(30:03) As a man, you have to keep true to your purpose and show a woman that you are man enough to handle her, even at her worst times. That will give her certainty, stability, and space for growth.

(37:28) If you don’t like yourself, you can’t like other people. There is a lot of resistance to accepting that other person evolved, and you may be angry with them for their growth until you grow as well.

(41:02) Men need to be the container and not the garbage can that your woman will use to lash out and dump her negative emotions.

(44:15) You can play a role in a marriage and in business, to protect your image. Once you start behaving naturally, there will be conflict.

(48:45) Men are afraid to have a strong woman at times, and can subconsciously put the woman aside in business and relationships.

(50:30) In business and relationships, you need to step back and appreciate your partner for who he/she is. You are two independent individuals trying to achieve a common goal, not one person.

(54:08) Men can sometimes instill fear in women if they come up in a hard and too direct way. Both partners have to be self-aware about how they feel, behave, and talk to each other, and their children.

(56:30) You need to learn how to shield and uplift your children. There are times to be tough on them, and times to protect them. Both parents need to figure out how to behave with their kids.

(1:01:04) Acknowledge that you will mess up as a parent. Communicate to your kids that you are not perfect and that you will make mistakes.

(1:03:08) dothework.com – Carla’s book about her life, and experiences in business, marriage, and parenting.

(1:10:11) We overestimate what can we do in a year, and underestimate what we can do in 10 years. You never know who you are going to impact by telling your story.



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