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How to Improve
marriage Sex

On this episode of God, Money & Sex, Vivian and Raul give you a peek into their bedroom as they reveal the secret to the best sex in your life: Having a great connection with your partner.
The best way to have a great connection with your partner is to start by being in touch with the different personalities within yourself.

The side of yourself that you choose to show someone else is your persona. At the office, you can have the dark warrior persona, at the dinner table, you can have the King and Queen persona or the Mother and Father persona. In the bedroom, you can have many personas, from the temptress who takes charge to the schoolgirl who approaches cautiously then lets go of her inhibitions and immerses herself in the moment.

You can explore these different sides of yourself if you have a partner who is accepting of who you are and is able to communicate his or her needs.

By watching this episode, you’ll learn how to tap into the different sides of yourself and make a deeper connection than you’ve ever had before.


Time Code

0:27 Intro
1:03 It’s difficult to innovate in your sex life.
3:14 Raul and Vivian hired a sex coach
5:13 Having sex means having a great connection
6:30 Pleasure is our birthright
7:00 You have a sexual persona inside of you that you share in intimate moments
8:05 What does it take to have this experience?
9:45 What is the temptress energy?
10:38 How to shift your persona
14:05 Don’t wait for anyone else’s permission to be sexy
15:58 One reason why affairs happen
16:18 Give yourself permission to enjoy all aspects of sex
17:23 Try different things and don’t be afraid to be adventurous
18:55 Consent is the most important thing. Have conversations before having sex
19:50 Are you too busy for sex?
21:00 Tap into different versions of yourself
21:38 How do you choose your erotic persona?
24:26 You contain multitudes
25:02 Vivian sets up Raul perfectly
26:12 Wrap up and review

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