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Never Stop Innovating In Business or Your Love Life


As entrepreneurs, we have a special connection with what we do for a living. We find significance, growth and fulfillment. When we use our businesses to feed our emotional needs, we sometimes become addicts. As the addiction grows, we cannot leave work behind and we spend more time there — so much more time that our spouses may think we are having an affair at work.

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The Gift and the Curse of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are a different breed of human beings. While most people would be comfortable living a normal and secure life, an entrepreneur feels more alive when they are taking risks in life. Entrepreneur is defined as a person who is willing to take higher risks than others. Because entrepreneurs have a higher tolerance for risk than most people, they also handle stress differently.

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Never Stop Innovating In Business or Your Love Life


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How holidays affect marriages

In today's episode of God, Money, and Sex Raul and Vivian talk about- How holidays affect marriages How holidays affect marriages?   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBsIcwUBDKo&t=54s (1:29) Holidays are always bringing extra stress in people’s lives. We get caught up in the business, shopping, overscheduling. We can sometimes forget what the holidays are all about. (2:58) You have to set yourself for success before the holidays begin, and prepare for them even a couple of months before. (3:38) One of the biggest holiday pressures is money. We are conditioned to buy presents and overspend during the holidays. (6:06) The world we live in is full of marketing and consumerism, but we have to break this pattern. It takes discipline not to overspend. (9:25) Another holiday pressure is time. During the holidays, couples can struggle to find the time and energy for some alone time and sex. That [...]

What happens when you Do The Work?

In today's episode of God, Money, and Sex Raul and Vivian talk about- What happens when you Do The Work? Raul and his wife Vivian Villacis host the God Money & Sex podcast, a business and relationship focused discussion forum that shares insights into what it takes to be a successful businessman while maintaining balance in your intimate relationships. You can have it all and Raul is the man who can help make it happen for you. Make sure you stay tuned to this YouTube channel as Raul and his guests discuss key topics about God Money & Sex. Follow Raul online here: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/RaulVillacis The God Money and Sex Podcast: https://raulvillacis.lnk.to/godmoneysex The Daily EDGE Podcast- http://www.raultheedge.com/subscribe Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/raultheedge/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RaulTheEDGE/ Website: https://raulvillacis.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdmvO1RItzA&t=32s (3:00) When you are not completely confident, you may set up yourself to failure when you are doing something, so that you can say that you [...]

What SPARKS CHANGE in a Relationship?

Change is always happening in all aspects of life. Seasons change, technology changes, people change as they age. Change is both necessary and unavoidable. People often say that they want to change their job, their loved ones, their bodies. But what sparks the change in relationships, businesses, and life in general? Everybody wants to change something, but not everybody is successful. We all know someone who wants to get in shape but keeps eating in McDonald’s five times a week. Or a person that says they want a stable relationship but keeps dating troubled or emotionally unavailable people. When we are talking about change, we first have to take a look at ourselves. If you are overweight, it’s not because the food at McDonald’s is calorie rich, and if you are constantly single it’s not because ‘’all guys/girls are stupid/crazy’’. It’s all about you, [...]

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Do you learn from PAIN or PLEASURE in a Relationship

In today’s episode of God, Sex, and Money, Raul and Vivian talk about the importance of knowing why you want to either start a marriage or a business, and making sure if it’s for the right reasons. Finding the good in all the pain you experience in life and praying to become a stronger person in life. Raul and Vivian speak from experiences, not to tell you what to do, and hope you take awareness from the topics they mention. […]

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