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Steven Kotler: How to enter flow state (Daily EDGE: emotional intelligence podcast)

How do you get into flow consistently? This is the question that Steven Kotler and his writing partner, Jamie Wheal, first asked in Rise of the Superman, and continued to explore in Stealing Fire. Steven sits down with Raul Villacis to discuss what inspired him to study flow, and what he’s learned.

This interview is loaded with secret tips from both Raul and Steven on how little life hacks can have a cumulative effect on changing your life over time. In addition, it closes with a discussion on why technology is speeding up the pace of innovation. If you want to see how to get the most from your brain, be sure to watch this interview.


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0:35 Intro
1:20 What inspired “Stealing Fire”?
3:20 What is flow?
3:55 Meditation is training for flow, but it is not the same thing. Flow is the state of optimal performance. We feel our best, we perform our best. Sense of self and of time disappears.
6:25 Difference between flow and meditation
8:00 Flow is different for every person: Biology scales, personality doesn’t.
12:05 How do you train your brain to be in flow state more often?
14:01 The right balance of skill and challenge
17:06 The problem with affirmations
19:06 Why you should exhale for 7 seconds
20:25 Excitement and anxiety are closely related in the brain
21:15 Raul shares his ritual:
21:30 Gratitude
22:15 Pushups and power statements
22:50 Steven reviews Raul’s method
24:04 Weight lifting or aerobics for anxiety?
25:30 Does self-talk work?
26:53 The 6 (or possibly 7) habits you need for flow
28:40 Limitations of motivation
30:56 Steven’s response to Raul’s method
34:10 Steven’s advice to Raul
35:07 The long term benefits of a ritual
37:20 Why Steven became interested in studying flow
42:15 How technology gives us more time
49:55 Raul’s takeaway from this interview

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