An Interview With Matt Sapaula

Today we are interviewing Matt Sapaula. Matt, like me, is an immigrant, and he brought himself from rags to riches. He hustled his way up in the areas of real estate and insurance. Life insurance is not considered a sexy or exciting way to become wealthy, but Matt has brought his own experience and made it exciting

bob gallo interview

5 things you need to know before you sell your company during Covid19 with Bob Gallo

On this episode of the Daily EDGE Podcast, Raul interviews his good friend and client Bob Gallo. Bob is a long-time, multiple-business entrepreneur. He helped create the market for mobile document shredding business, then sold the business at a hefty profit. From there, he started and sold several other businesses, and he became so good at selling businesses that he started a consulting business helping other entrepreneurs learn how to exit their business and feel good about it. 

Patrick Bet-David: How to Overcome Adversity

On this episode of the Daily Edge, Patrick Bet-David shares his story, and tells us the keys to being a successful entrepreneur, overcoming adversity, developing emotional intelligence, both at home and at work. In our conversation, we discuss everything from world history to raising children to reading books. This is another episode you don’t want to miss.